Shirley Collins Photograph Katie Vandyck

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of
England's greatest cultural treasures"

Billy Bragg
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On Saturday 8th Feb, Shirley performed for the first time in 32 years, accompanied by Ian Kearey, and opening for Current 93, to a sold out and delighted Union Chapel.

Shirley sang All The Pretty Little Horses, accompanied by Ian playing Shirley’s own banjo-dulcimer made for her by John Bailey in 1967.

Her second song of the evening was Death And The Lady, accompanied by Ian playing bottleneck slide guitar.

Her voice sounded fantastic after all these years. It was a giant breakthrough on the dysphonia which has plagued Shirley for decades.

Shirley said: “I loved singing again. It was great working with Ian Kearey. We’re talking to David Tibet about recording.”

Jude Rogers’s blog about Shirley’s work:

And if you’re that way inclined, Shirley is now tweeting @shirleyeCollins


Shirley narrates the short Nick Abrahams film Sigur Ros - Ekki Mukk, featuring Aiden Gillen.