Shirley Collins Photograph Katie Vandyck

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of
England's greatest cultural treasures"

Billy Bragg


Issued on CD in 2006.

"Throughout 2001, whilst working on the 'Within Sound' box set Shirley and I reviewed hours and hours of recordings...frequently we were disappointed to find that .. splendid performances were captured on tapes too poor to be released commercially. In the past couple of years some better quality tapes have surfaced. Snapshots is drawn from material we couldn't squeeze onto the four CDs of 'Within Sound' and the highlights from those live performances."
David Suff - Fledg'ling Records

  • All Things Are Quite Silent**
  • Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear**
  • The Captain with the Whiskers***
  • The Bonny Bunch of Roses*
  • Loving Hannah**
  • Two Brethren#
  • All Flowers in Broome****
  • Just As the Tide was Flowing**
  • Tyburn Tree*
  • Poor Murdered Woman**
  • Greenwood Laddie*
  • Is It Far to Bethlehem##
  • While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping**
  • Rockley Firs**
  • Come All You Little Streamers**
  • The Gypsy's Wedding Day**
  • Black-eyed Susan**
  • The Banks of Sweet Primeroses#
  • My Bonny Cuckoo*
  • Black, White, Yellow and Green**
  • The Bonny Labouring Boy**
  • The Merry Milkmaids****

Italicized tracks are instrumental

* trad arr Shirley Collins : Cacophony
** trad arr Shirley and Dolly Collins : Cacophony
*** words trad / tune composed by Shirley Collins : Cacophony
**** trad arr Dolly Collins : Cacophony
# trad arr the Copper Family : Coppersongs
## Frances Chesterton, tune trad arr Shirley and Dolly Collins : Cacophony

Additional musicians:

Dolly Collins, Michael Clifton, John Fordham, Ray Worman