Shirley Collins Photograph Katie Vandyck

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of
England's greatest cultural treasures"

Billy Bragg

Folk Roots New Routes

Issued on LP record in 1964, re-issued on CD in 1999.

Groundbreaking and influential collaboration with guitarist Davy Graham. Mostly British, but some American material - for the last time in Shirley's recording career.

  • Nottamun Town
  • Proud Maisrie
  • The Cherry Tree Carol*
  • Blue Monk**
  • Hares On The Mountain
  • Reynardine
  • Pretty Saro*
  • Rif Mountain***
  • Jane, Jane
  • Love Is Pleasin'
  • Boll Weevil, Holler
  • Hori Horo
  • Bad Girl
  • Lord Greggory****
  • Grooveyard#
  • Dearest Dear
  • Italicized tracks are instrumental

All tracks trad arr Shirley Collins and Davy Graham except:

* Tune composed and trad arr Shirley Collins
** Monk arr Davy Graham
*** Davy Graham
****Trad arr Shirley Collins
# Timmons arr Davy Graham

Additional musician:

Davy Graham