Shirley Collins Photograph Katie Vandyck

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of
England's greatest cultural treasures"

Billy Bragg

Fountain of Snow

Issued on CD in 1992.

A compilation of tracks from the Topic recordings - 'The Sweet Primeroses', 'Adieu to Old England', 'For As Many As Will' and the EP 'Heroes in Love'.

  • All Things Are Quite Silent
  • Cambridgeshire May Carol
  • Polly Vaughan*
  • The Cruel Mother
  • Streets of Derry
  • Brigg Fair
  • Higher Germanie
  • George Collins
  • Down In Yon Forest
  • The False True Love**
  • The Sweet Primeroses
  • Down By The Seaside
  • Adieu To Old England
  • I Sing Of A Maiden
  • One Night As I Lay On My Bed
  • Lancashire Lass
  • Never Again***
  • Lord Allenwater
  • Gilderoy
  • The Moon Shines Bright
  • The False Bride
  • Locks and Bolts
  • Rambleaway
  • A Blacksmith Courted Me
  • All tracks trad arr Shirley and Dolly Collins (Cacophony Music) except:

    * Tune composed and trad arr Shirley Collins (Cacophony Music )
    ** Trad arr Shirley Collins (Cacophony Music )
    *** Written by Richard Thompson (Beeswing Music)

    Additional musicians:

    Dolly Collins, Bob Stewart, Philip Pickett, Michael Gregory