Shirley Collins Photograph Katie Vandyck

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of
England's greatest cultural treasures"

Billy Bragg

Adieu to Old England

Issued on LP record in 1974, re-issued on CD in 1999.

A return to simpler accompaniment - that distinctive flute organ again - and all English material. 

  • Mistress's Health/Lumps Of Plum Pudding
  • Down By The Seaside
  • Chiner's Song
  • Adieu To Old England
  • Ashen Faggot Wassail
  • I Sing Of A Maiden That Is Makeless
  • The Banks Of Sweet Mossom
  • The Ram Of Derbish Town
  • Portsmouth
  • Horkstow Grange
  • Come All You Little Streamers
  • Spaniard's Cry: Sherborne Jig
  • One Night As I Lay On My Bed
  • The Death Of Nelson
  • Coronation Jig
  • Italicized tracks are instrumental 

All tracks trad arr Shirley and Dolly Collins

Additional musicians:

Dolly Collins, John Watcham, Terry Potter, Bill Molan, Geoff Singleton, John Harrington, Ian Holder, Bob Stewart, Simon Nicol, Roger Swallow